Exercise 1#


Please complete this exercise by the start of the next lesson.

The exercise for this week has three parts. First, you will create an account on GitHub.com. Next, you will let us know your GitHub username via Slack. Finally, you will cook up some Python using the skills you learned during the first lesson!

Part 1 - Sign up for GitHub#

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to https://www.github.com.

  2. On the GitHub.com home page, click on Sign up on the top right.

    Signing up for GitHub.com

    The GitHub.com homepage#

  3. Enter a username, email address, and password. Click Create an account.

  4. When prompted to select a plan, choose the free option.

Part 2 - Slack#

This part is only for registered students. We have sent an invite link to Slack to all registered participants before the first lesson. Please contact the course instructors via email in case you are registered for the course, but don’t have access to Slack.

  1. Go to our Slack page at https://geo-python2022.slack.com.

  2. Post a new message in the #week-1 channel with your full name, GitHub username, course code (GEOK_3030 or GEOG-329-1).

For example, Dave Whipp, davewhipp, GEOK_3030 or Christoph Fink, christophfink, GEOG-329-1 (please use comma to separate the different parts). This will help us know you were able to create your account, that you have also figured out how to use Slack, and we’ll know who is who on GitHub :).

Students from other universities; you can add the name of your home institution (Aalto / Turku / Oulu) in stead of the course code like this; Tua Nylén, tuanylen, Turku.


In case you’re curious, we need your GitHub user name in order to access your exercise repositories in GitHub for grading and feedback.

Part 3 - Cooking up some Python#


Start your assignment

You can start working on your copy of Exercise 1 by accepting the GitHub Classroom assignment.

  1. Start the coding exercise by accepting the GitHub Classroom assignment (click on the link above).

  2. Read the instructions from the repository.

  3. Launch a new JupyterLab instance. You can use Binder for this.

  4. Cook up some Python according to the instructions! Remember to save your work ;) !

  5. Download your solution, and upload it to GitHub.com into your personal Exercise 1 repository.

This week, we upload the exercise manually to GitHub. Next week, you will learn how to pull and push the exercises directly from GitHub to Jupyter Lab using Git!


Each week, you will create a personal copy of the exercise repository on GitHub.com by clicking on the GitHub classroom link.

You can also take a look at the template repository on GitHub: Geo-Python-2022/Exercise-1 . Note that you are only able to make changes in your personal repository generated via GitHub Classroom.

Summary (what to submit)#

  1. Post a message in the #week-1 channel at Geo-Python2022.slack.com with your name, GitHub username and course.

  2. Accept Exercise-1 in Github classroom and upload the jupyter notebook (the filename should be Exercise-1.ipynb) containing your solutions for Part 3.

Private repositories

The exercise repositories are private and they are visible only to you, and the course instructors.


Some instructions on this page are specific to students at the University of Helsinki. Others can skip the Slack step and proceed to solving the Exercise 1 problems! Please note that we are only able to provide assignment feedback to students enrolled in the course at the University of Helsinki.