Exercise 3#


Please complete this exercise by the start of the next lesson.

Start your assignment

You can start working on your copy of Exercise 3 by accepting the GitHub Classroom assignment.

You can also take a look at the template repository for Exercise 3 on GitHub (does not require logging in). Note that you should not try to make changes to this copy of the exercise, but rather only to the copy available via GitHub Classroom.

Pair programming

Students attending the course in Helsinki, note that we continue working in pairs. We will only grade the repository of the member of your pair that is responsible for this week’s exercise. See more information in Slack, and in week 2: Why are we working in pairs?

Cloud computing environments#

https://img.shields.io/badge/launch-binder-red.svg https://img.shields.io/badge/launch-CSC%20notebook-blue.svg

Exercise 3 hints#

Here are a few things that may be helpful in completing Exercise 3.


The exercise notebook contains some tests help you see if your code is working correctly. Some code cells contain a line that says: raise NotImplementedError(). Always remove this piece of code from your submission and replace it with your own code. The error tells us if you have not started the exercise.

Combining strings#

In case you have forgotten, string variables can be added together. For example,

a = "Taco "
b = "time"
c = a + b

Nested if statements#

In some cases it might be useful to have nested if statements, meaning that you have another layer of conditions after the first condition resolves to True.

Take a look of following example:

 season = "Winter"
 temperature = 10

 if season == "Winter":

     if temperature > 7:
         print("No need for winter jacket!")

         print("It might be cold! Wear a proper jacket!")

elif season == "Summer":

     if temperature > 20:
         print("It's warm! Time to wear shorts!")

         print("Well this is Finland, better wear long trousers!")
     print("Check the weather forecast!")